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Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 17 August 2010 13h23 »
It's an impossible task for 1 guy, hence the reason I and others tried to help out in the past.

There are a few reasons I no longer help out:
* I got kicked out of the SM team in January and couldn't bother with Simple Machines
* I'm still using SMF Media Gallery 2.0.5 because it has public albums
* I haven't had time to do the translation for Aeva Media

But my lack of help has nothing to do with Nao or the way he is. Nao as well as Aeva should stay, he just needs to learn to behave after "" standards.

Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 17 August 2010 12h14 »
What I ment Nao, is that you have gotten so many warnings in public topics about shutting up when arguing with people or just insulting people for being less skilled than you.

And no, I'm not hostile to you in any way.

Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 17 August 2010 0h14 »
Nao: You have a big mouth and you stand on your rights to say what you want. That's fine with me, but then you must also take the consequences!

In the past, you several times did not speak nice  to me, even I helped with beta testing, provided server access etc. I can live with it, you are French and I'm to old to get pissed off by such actions.
But at, you have been warned so many times - a lot more times than others and you won't learn. Fine, but take the consequences without moaning! Grov up!

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