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Aeva Media / Re: Bug Aeva-Media-1.4w on 2.0 fresh install
« on: 14 August 2012 2h26 »
I can not seem to find the "create topic" or "new topic" button so I figured I'd asked here.
Mostly because there is no proper support for Aeva these days, it is generally supported, and the people who can access the support board are generally only the people who are going to get any support at all...

What I can tell you is that it is almost certainly a time-out limit, and could be related to poor quality hosting, in which little is going to fix it other than better quality hosting - but there's no way to know without doing some investigation, and that investigation is something neither Nao nor myself really have the time to do, seeing how Aeva is unsupported and all.

Either that or upgrade to Wedge when it comes out.

It'd be a custom change to your theme's Display.template.php, where all the other buttons are.

You'd have to put a link to everyone's profile, whether they'd uploaded anything or not, simply out of performance.

Good plan, Batman!

Intend to? We don't intend to... we already have ;) (That's how is actually running Wedge already)

Regarding the security question, the vast vast content of this site is French, it is only the Aeva area (which is really a smaller part of the site) that is English.

Yes, it will work on 2.0.x. It may or may not work with SMF 2.1 as and when that is released.

No development work, and minimal support work, is carried out on Aeva itself at this time as all of the work is now being carried out in Wedge (which is SMF + Aeva + lots and lots of other stuff)

Aeva Media / Re: Bug Aeva-Media-1.4w on 2.0 fresh install
« on: 18 March 2012 14h55 »
Yay, so you're asking this question AGAIN instead of checking where you already asked it? has the answer. It even had the answer barely 40 minutes after you posted.

Mind you, as per that thread, Aeva support is minimal any more after all the crap Nao went through with the SMF community (like, for example, the fact he's post banned over there and couldn't reply even if he wanted to)

Well, there is no real support for Aeva, and the support window is a year from purchase, but an awful lot has happened since October 2010, like all development on Aeva for SMF has stopped and Nao and I are moving it away from SMF to Wedge.

1. I thought playlists were primarily for musical items?

2. Not without a code edit and I'm not sure what version you have, and it's been a while since I edited the code but it is probably doable with some work.

Aeva Media / Re: Hello
« on: 7 January 2012 22h18 »
I didn't really understand what you said but t sounded like you were posting and saving the post for later...

Not really, AFAIK Aeva drops in Flash embed codewhich doesn't work on most mobile devices, and would need to be replaced/augmented with HTML5 media tags.

Aeva Media / Re: [Fork you, SMF!] The birth of Wedge.
« on: 29 October 2011 3h25 »
We will of course be interested to see what pen testing turns up once we've got a publicly usable release out but at the present time, we are keeping it to just the two main devs - and it's hard enough keeping track of all the changes with just us two sometimes...

Because if you'd read this topic, you'd see that Aeva for SMF is being discontinued, that no support is being offered for it here but that folks who had bought the paid version might sometimes get support if we have time in the support board.[1]

(Before posting, it is always worth reading in that board BEFORE posting. Very often your question will be answered for you if you take the time to look for it.)
 1. So if you do spend a few bucks (as that is all it is) for the paid version, it is with the caveat that you probably won't get prompt support for it, if any.

So, if you own the server and have no management agent or whatever, whatever happened on Sunday to make it stop working, you did it.

So, if it was working until Sunday, what changed? Things do not just stop working, they stop for a reason. If you didn't change anything, did your host?

(It may be that 777 is no longer allowed, ask them what should be used)

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