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Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 17 August 2010 Ó 11h07 »
Re queries in templates - putting aside the logistical debate of keeping functionality separate (in the pseudo MVC architecture SMF has), it has been one of the coding standards since pretty much forever that queries should not be in templates, and as far as I can tell, that was true in 2006 when he wrote them.

Basically, it would make me very happy to replace the functionality of all of his mods, and it seems I have some supporters in that direction too. I don't see a need to tackle SGP since I don't really see what it can do that AeMe can't, and what AeMe does better anyway.

I passed it on via someone who still has access to the team, I haven't heard a reply though, and he never replied to my comments publicly about either (have a read of the Anti Spam Links mod and Ignore Topics mod threads including my asking outright if he'd bothered testing the latter, which it was clear he hadn't.)

Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 16 August 2010 Ó 17h08 »
Well, only 40% of vbgamer's mods were given to him, and really, the rest are not that well coded. I remember a bit back, a list of bad style matters and borderline vulnerabilities was handed to vbgamer and there was an actual argument with him. (For example, it was possible to add items to non existent albums in SMF Gallery Lite)

Oh, and queries in templates. But apparently that was from when rules were 'more lax'. Despite the mods still being updated.

I find myself at a strange juncture, I don't want to write any more mods generally but I'm tempted to go make mods to replace his, ones that are well written and will mean there is no reason for him to stick around because everything he touches isn't friendly.

I also reminded the team yesterday that he is blatantly exempt from rules, after publishing two mods he hasn't even tested (one by his own admission), and both I spent time fixing previously.

Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 14 August 2010 Ó 23h57 »
Well, you already know my thoughts on this, and how crappy this whole situation is.

But as I said you, you have a lot of followers who care about you - and who'll follow you, such loyalty is not easily earned. Screw the team, at the end of it, it's their loss, not yours.

Take some time off, have a good one and hope it tops up your happyfuel tank some :)

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