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Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 25 March 2011 0h19 »
Have you tried "margin: auto 0;" in css?  I despise the Trident engine let alone IE6, why can't they use WebKit?

@Artur, you not a fan of Ugly Betty are you?  :D

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 23 March 2011 23h47 »
What's the point?
None, Artur has his ways, Arantor has his ways, you have your ways, I have my ways, everybody has their ways and I never complain!  :D

Yes, I have looked at Fox Prog or should I say Prog Rock, very nice!

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 19 March 2011 23h57 »
I use ORM as a technique in designing the database structure, not as something I apply with PHP, RoR or any other programming language.  :gnehe:

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 19 March 2011 12h38 »
CJ, are you working on a forum system yourself? (Saw that on your blog...)
If that your way of putting it, then yes I am working on a tag-based bulletin board system exclusively for, so far so good I already got the shortcode api implemented into the model.

Have you ever used Object Role Modelling?

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 18 March 2011 16h52 »
Is it possible to refactor the code so it looks nothing like SMF?

Or better, make shit version independent in the first place, like WordPress mostly does...
Wordpress is pretty shit when I tried a category search with wp_query(); in index.php theme template, it failed, but with category.php it worked.  I actually made a improve version of the shortcode api similar to the one in wordpress which honours user level while wordpress does not and I plan on using that version that with my tag-based bulletin board that I'm building for using the symfony framework which has a better database abstraction layer compared to wordpress.

Speaking of selling, the guys at autoembed are starting to sell commercial licenses $15 for single and $25 for developer (multiple) at least the prices are not as ridiculous as vbgamer stuff.

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 15 November 2010 2h51 »
Who would use Buddypress, anyway...?
I would say not many, I find the concept of a group-based bulletin board harder to get my head round when compared to a forum-based one like SMF, to post in a bulletin board with buddypress not only a new account is required, group membership is required as well.  I find that pretty silly.

I currently use buddypress on, I'm planning on replacing buddypress with a tag-based bulletin board, one tag can have many topics and one topic can have many tags.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 12 November 2010 1h40 »
Hire someone, expect them to live up to your expectations, than expect a catastrophic fail.  :mdr:

En Ingls por favor? S! Apoyo? No!

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 21 October 2010 12h24 »
Don't know about you, but I'm 27 - and given the demographic of the folks that look after forums that I met over on
What about the demographic of the World Wide Web population?  :D

Anyway I'm 23.

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 21 October 2010 1h19 »
I should know I listen to good rock music all the time which not many *young* people listen to nowadays.
Give Foxprog a try, then :P
Pink Floyd  :gnehe:

Anyway, I missed out the word "young," oops  :mdr:

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 16 October 2010 1h16 »
Because what strikes me as the most shocking, is not that he's a scammer. It's that he's a prominent community member and a longtime SMF team member. Yet, he's also the symbol of what most of their team has been so far: a shameful act.
I'm not really surprised, a lot of people mostly in the western society choose to think that "sometime you have to be evil to be good," it just sad really and what make it worse is that often result in good reputation/karma, so therefore I ended up losing faith in karma and all I believe in now is role model.  I once got defamed and disturbed by a deluded person on MySpace who claims to be a musician but really his guitar playing was just shit (he posted video of his guitar playing), I should know I listen to good rock music all the time which not many people listen to nowadays.

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 8 October 2010 20h47 »
Don't mind me saying, sound like vbgamer45 needs to get a proper job rather then sitting at the computer and scamming people out of their money.

There are plenty of ways of automating embedding from multiple websites, Aeva's is just one of the more efficient.
Wordpress has oEmbed as well as embed handler built in since version 2.9, oEmbed fetches the html embed code and caches it to a blog post (or page), so it only fetches once unless the blog post is updated, so it practically efficient, the issues I have with oEmbed is that some providers return object code that is not xhtml1.1/html5 compliant and some return iframe which I really despise of, but the good thing is that wordpress has added filters to oEmbed which allows plugins author like myself to take advantage, and so I did.
I may relicense it in a few months (no promise but it's something I'd discussing on a private board), with a less restrictive license (BSD-like), so you'll be able to include the file if you're still into it.
Or use the file to extend WP embed site list without creating new shortcodes (bbcode or whatever it called on smf).  :gnehe:

I should remind those 'gits' that there are no such thing as borrowing without asking!   :mdr:

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