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Foxprog / Re: Asturias
« on: 31 August 2010 13h37 »
I know Mike Oldfield!  :gnehe:  My brother used to play Tubular Bells all the time... a beautiful piece indeed - best listened to at night with the lights off ... okay I am back to hear this properly.

Also, I like everything I see here... the blog aspect is a lovely personalisation.  What mod are you using for this?  I notice too, you have changed the text on ultimate profile (think you use that) for the photos!  I like being a vampire!  And other places.  Nice touch. 

I noticed that you have been let down by not having beta testers for your last upgrade on Aeva - I did have it installed for ages but because I am now waiting to know how to install your Foxy/Aeva Media (GRIN) and I upgraded my board to the very latest edition  SMF 2.0 RC3... I have put off adding the mod back in.  So my site is now ready to start again.  If the audio side of things is included in this package I would be very happy to subscribe and indeed help you with testing new things here.

This really is a peaceful website - in both colour and organisation to come and visit!
Posted on 31 August 2010 12h58

 :gnehe:  I'm including here a screen shot of what came up when I replied so that you can see what is happening.  I think the translator has a few ideas of its own.  The last sentence is very funny.  Apparently I am wishing to help you test MONSTERS!!!!  I think it goes with my vampire love.  You will also see how it is using capital letters in a random fashion and also putting words in capitals - such as the MONSTERS which I did not type... I said BETA!  LOL

Okay... now to listen.
Posted on 31 August 2010 13h06

I really loved the first track!  Put me mind of another band called Camel... again mid to late 70's... here's a youtube clip to their  Snow Goose  Another track for lights off listening.  But Asturias is far more beautiful.  Camel has kind of dated, I do not think what you have here will :)

I'll be back.

Foxprog / Re: Asturias
« on: 29 August 2010 1h40 »
This is very beautiful... I have come over a few times now to look at your mod.  I like it very much.  One thing I am wondering - for audio files - how do they work?  Are they uploaded to the website's server or can they be simply linked to/loaded from another storage.  My worry is the amount of memory/space they take up.  If we can link from the visitor's storage it will be exactly what I am looking for... :)  I have not had time to listen to it all as it is a long piece - but I will be back because I like it very much. 

I am only hesitating on the 'subscribe' 2. version until I hear about how items are stored.  What a beautiful website you have here.  Very much enjoying visiting.

EDIT:  Just to let you know, I didn't put in all the capitals!  The post seems to format itself.  I don't want you to think I was shouting or emphasizing anything...

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