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Does the bug i mentioned above exist in v2.0? Is the viewing bug on videos fixed also?

At this point in the game, i'll begrudgingly buy the software if it means i actually get some support, lol

I don't and never have needed the extra functions of v2.0, i just need the free version to actually be 'bug free' :/

$20 is a reasonable price to me, only thing that's always put me off is the limited 1 year support, doesn't sound like a good deal to me, what does that actually mean anyway?

Does it mean no more help on bugs / problems after a period of 1 year; after 365 days i have to pay another $20 just to get some useful information / advice from your time?

How would you know how long i've actually had the product for? 

I suspect you'd probably just release v3 and discontinue support for v2 i guess.

It's a known issue, it's mentioned on the mod site over at (in my parallel changelog.)
Fixable by removing the htmlspecialchars call from these places. Too busy to look into it though.
Which lines in what file?

Avea has so many files, lol

When i edit a long description on an Avea gallery entry, it converts the breaks into HTML code:


Just a quick one.

Is there a guide on this site to making custom Avea portal blocks for Simple Portal?

I need multiple blocks showing different albums / information, one in particular i would to update with each new comment posted.

Cheers in advance

Thus the reason why i said i'll 'play' with it :P

Thanks for the heads up regardless :)

Sounds good.

SMF is my favorite forum software by far, i don't even think the paid for solutions are as cool as it (and certainly not worth paying a 6 monthly fee for) so i hope they do make it open source and its future is secured, i may just come back to it after i've played around with phpbb3 :P

I would only say -- if you're serious about video counts, then disable Highslide. I know it sucks, but Highslide isn't very cooperative.
Maybe in the future I'll change the system to use another library. Or I'll just give up on that stupid slideshow and just use Highslide as it was used before the AeMe days.
As an easy alternative, i'm just gonna remove the line of code from the portal block instead of it always showing "Views: 0"

That should solve the problem for now, i don't see the point of removing highslide completely, too much work for such a small thing and i'm moving away from SMF by the end of the year anyway :P

Jooma in conjunction with another forum software is the future, with SMF there is too much bullshit involved and the shit is definitely going to hit the fan on a major scale eventually (we have seen signs of this already, it's just a matter of time before it goes downhill completely).

So i'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and assistant over the last 8 months and to wish you luck on your future endeavors :)

Wow this place has changed so much, i can't seem to find the old support forums (my post history reveals nothing, was the old forums deleted?)

Anyhoo, Nao, today i updated my Aeva from 1.3 to 1.4a and the view count for videos is broken again :(

I know your support is limited and appreciate all the help you can give but can you tell me which file i need to edit that controls the view count for the light-boxes for videos? (this seems to be an on going issue with every new release i upgrade to and yes i uninstall completely before installing the new one :P)

Cheers in advance


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