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Well, it might help if you provide some details so we don't have to guess, like Aeva version, SMF version, whether there's anything in the error log, when it stopped working, what type of media it's not working on, that kind of thing.

Of course, there's no guarantee of support either way, Nao and I are both really busy on non-Aeva projects right now (not that I'm officially affiliated with Aeva anyway), but support is more likely for the paid version. Since then it's not in a thread marked 'no support'.
ok so i went through all the keywords of the whole 200+ pages of that thread and i think i found the solution, thanks

anyways, i'll buy 2.0 now

Well, I doubt you'll get support on the SMF board, seeing how Nao is post banned, and the only reason I posted today was to re-assert the rights to my work on something.
i have been reading posts in this site, and yeah i do feel bad for what happened between you guys and smf

so is there anyway i can get support for this mod, if i have to buy the mod and get 2.0 support i guess i can  :mouais:

Unless you're an AeMe 2.0 user then you should be able to see there commercial support board here.
i posted there but no 1 seen to have solution

my problem is avea media is not recording view counts, always (views:0), used to work
some1 said it's because some embed mods but i don't have any of them

sorry to post it here, i don't mind paying for 2.0 but just let me know for sure i can get help

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