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Hi guys,

Just registered and signed in, so I'm new here
first of all sorry for my bad English  :sumanai:

I have a question, hope will/can help me?
with a few guy's we build a photography forum.
mostly to put some photographic places on it, so here's my question;

I installed the mod custom forms and designed a fill-in-form to put interesting photographic places in an organized way on the forum. so far so good and everything is working fine.
anyone who upload a new place also put a kmz file on it as an attachment.
in the fill-in-form we also put the google earth coordinates in a decimal form.
we would like something that generates automatically a google map in the post with the given coordinates.

can we use aeva map for this or do we need some coding?
since I'm not a programmer it would be nice if someone could explain this in a way I can follow  :)

at first I thought we should make a new page with some code to grab the coordinates from the fill-in-form, but since none of us know how to program we are depending on you guys.
or could this be done with aeva lite?

thx in advance

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