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The easiest way to make a mod site that Kicks the SMF mod sites you know what... is to make it sort mods By version... then be able to look into categories.

Nothing more annoying then finding a great mod and its for a different version, or selecting your version and seeing a 1000 ungrouped mods.

We'll definitely offer a mod site, although it'll probably be 'cooler' than SMF's
The best way to do this is simply giving the option to sort out compatible mods then select the category. Nothing more annoying then finding the perfect mod and then realizing its not for V2.

What exactly does it have that other portals don't?
Mostly a graphical single page editor... but I would prefer if it would use the BBC editor why have two different editors.

Ha ha ha....

I found your other post that explains more about the fork and I am anticipating it.  I also read that PortaMx has no interest... I hope this may change its also a good package. Im not familiar with the mambo CMS that was also mentioned in one post.

Anyway Keep up the good work, having the gallery and forum in one package will make updating much easier. :)

Also just a side question how much data base changes are expected? are the tables going to be relatively the same or totally different?

I love your software but Im getting a little worried about what I have been reading....

Can you explain the FORK in the software? Doesnt this mean that this will go away for SMF users?

I have to admit that SMF is just a forum but with AEVA it make a really good package. Half the stuff that I do on my forum would not be possible with out it.

Im really not wanting to put my users through a complete website change. Can you please explain more of what is going to happen this software after the fork?

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