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In Screenshot 2012 11 14 19 24 11 - Posted Nov 22, 2012
Ah ah j'adore dans les boutiques m'amuser à activer l'écran avec les jelly beans sur les terminaux en démonstration... Je suis un petit canaillou ;)
In Footnotes 1.08 - Posted May 13, 2011
I don't know, I haven't used SMF1 in years you know ;)
Even SMF2 -- not using it much either.

If you're serious about tools for power users/power posters, I'd recommend you check out the feature list at :P
In Sicile 012 - Posted Apr 08, 2011
It's a stolen moment in Segesta, Sicily, where you can see the temple in the previous and next items (see page top). A beautiful, peaceful place.
In IMG 3201 Modifier - Posted Apr 03, 2011
From a comic-con in France (Japan Expo).
In Sicile 012 - Posted Apr 03, 2011
Yes it is.
In Aeva Media 1.4a - Posted Oct 06, 2010
Code: [Select]
Version 1.4a                                      October 7, 2010
! Fixed a security issue.
! Fixed a potential crash during upgrade.
+ Added mention in the readme about possible file corruption when doing FTP transfers
- Removed support for deprecated functions (setInnerHTML, doUBBC) and browsers (IE4, IE5 Mac)
In [Old] Aeva Lite 7.1.708 - Posted Aug 29, 2010
That was a risky move.... ;)

Well, I'm glad that this new Aeva Lite seems to work for everybody. Just like AeMe 1.4 is working (except for the small 'in_page' blunder I fixed this morning.) I mean, I compiled these out of nowhere, quite in a hurry, and even though I made sure I wasn't screwing up, I just wasn't positive about it. :)
In Aeva Media 2.01 - Greek - Posted Aug 26, 2010
(from mforum's description)

You can download the Aeva.greek.php file which is not fully translated yet (i have left out admin strings).
I suppose almost every admin of a greek forum can understand English  :niark: but not every member  ^_^
so, i think is fully functional to use it.

Strings that are untranslated :

// Admin general strings
// Admin error strings
// Admin help strings

if you want you can easily convert it for Aeva Media 1.3a
if you do it before i do, please mention that is my translation  :sifflote:

install-both.xml ==> add:

Code: [Select]
<file name="$languagedir/Modifications.greek.php">
<search position="end" />
// Aeva Media extra strings
$txt['aeva_gallery'] = isset($txt['aeva_gallery']) ? $txt['aeva_gallery'] : 'Media';
$txt['aeva_home'] = 'Κεντρική';
$txt['aeva_unseen'] = 'Νέα';
$txt['aeva_profile_sum'] = 'Περίληψη';
$txt['aeva_view_items'] = 'Δες τα στοιχεία';
$txt['aeva_view_coms'] = 'Δες τα σχόλια';
$txt['aeva_view_votes'] = 'Δες τις αξιολογήσεις';
$txt['aeva_gotolink'] = 'Λεπτομέρειες';
$txt['aeva_zoom'] = 'Μεγένθυση';
$txt['permissiongroup_aeva'] = 'Aeva Media';
$txt['permissiongroup_simple_aeva'] = 'Aeva Media';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_access'] = 'Πρόσβαση στην Γκαλερί';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_moderate'] = 'Συντονισμός Γκαλερί';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_manage'] = 'Διαχείριση Γκαλερί';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_access_unseen'] = 'Πρόσβαση στη περιοχή Νέων';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_search'] = 'Αναζήτηση στην Γκαλερί';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_add_user_album'] = 'Προσθήκη Αλμπουμ';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_add_playlists'] = 'Προσθήκη Playlists';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_auto_approve_albums'] = 'Αυτόματη έγκριση άλμπουμ';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_moderate_own_albums'] = '<span style="border-bottom: 1px #888 dashed" title="Διαγραφή κάθε σχολίου και στοιχείου στα δικά του άλμπουμ, και διαγραφή δικών του άλμπουμ.">Συντονισμός δικών του άλμπουμ</span>';
$txt['permissionname_aeva_viewprofile'] = 'Να βλέπει το προφίλ όλων στην Γκαλερί';
$txt['cannot_aeva_viewprofile'] = 'Δεν μπορείς να δεις τα προφίλ της Γκαλερί';
// End Aeva Media strings
In Aeva Media 1.3a - Posted Aug 12, 2010
In the "Commercial downloads" child album.
Which, obviously, can only accessed by current customers.

petesky> Of course they can. Aeva Media 2.x is free for Foxy! customers. :)
In Aeva Media 1.3a (Spanish Translation) - Posted Aug 06, 2010
You may freely post your language files for v2.0 if you'd like.
Maybe later I will move them to their own album. Right now, they're fine here. It's not like there are many files in this album anyway ;)
In Aeva Media 1.3a - Posted Aug 06, 2010
Sorry, you tried to download right when I was moving the files to a new server.
In Footnotes 1.08 - Posted Aug 06, 2010
It shows 1.07 in the filename to me...
Well, it'll show 1.08 soon enough, because I'm fixing a last-minute bug!
(Multiple footnotes in a single message were broken.)
In Sicile 013 - Posted May 19, 2010
Thanks. :)
Beautiful place, too. (Segesta, Sicily.)
In DSCN4121 - Posted Dec 31, 2009
Ca doit pas vous arriver souvent, ça... ;)
In IMG 0035 - Posted Dec 11, 2009
Il m'a pas l'air très catholique, le truc posé sur le cendrier... :sifflote:
In IMG 0759 ModifierNB - Posted Nov 24, 2009
Où ça ? Je vois rien... C'est difficile de se concentrer...
In img 5610 Modifier - Posted Oct 09, 2009
Tss... Tu pouvais pas décaler ton upload pour que la photo #1500 soit une de Lily et pas de toi ? :P
In IMG 1594 Modifier - Posted Sep 17, 2009
Lio, je crois que c'est le frère de Milady qui a trouvé le nom, si je me souviens bien... (Et c'est un geek. Comme un autre de ses frères d'ailleurs.)
In IMG 1594 Modifier - Posted Sep 15, 2009
Nan, on garde juste Floppy, le chien des parents de Milady, quand ils partent en vacances...

En général on le garde même un peu plus longtemps après leur retour, parce que ça lui fait des vacances à lui aussi :P

PS : test...
In IMG 1589 Modifier - Posted Sep 14, 2009
Gilles et ses cartes...
Story of my life.
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