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Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 20 January 2011 10h34 »
It'll be out this year but we don't want to be rushed.
Assuming SMF goes gold inside that time frame o' course  :gnehe:

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 18 January 2011 10h17 »
Yes... 'bout the only thing I can see the SMF devs being interested in are the bug fixes and stopping you releasing (because nothing will make them all look quite so useless as a far better fork within a few days of them releasing gold...)

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 12 November 2010 11h57 »
Well, like the API, yes (haven't started looking into SSI yet, but it's only a matter of time); that being the only "blocker" for me.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 12 November 2010 11h52 »
I know you've both said your not "listening" to requests, but...  ^_^

If I can put only one thing onto the wishlist for the fork, it's an API to allow programmatic control of the forum (making user accounts, sharing of authentication with the rest of a website, that sort of thing).

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 8 November 2010 10h22 »
Well, that's a bugger... I was kinda looking forward to upgrading to RC4 (and subsequently Gold) but you've thrown that particular baby out the window A+N (alphabetical ordering...  :gnehe: )

Excellent idea, I suppose it was inevitable, but the timing is ahead of my expectation. Look forward to a public release (and yes, I will side-by-side it and almost certainly choose your open solution over their close-minded solution, even if it will mean pain finding a new theme and mods...)

Herhangi bir destek!

(Google; don't blame me if it's wrong. :sifflote: )

it's mentioned on the mod site over at (in my parallel changelog.)
Please read the fine changelog on the Aeva Free page on

@Ransim - Just follow the instructions in AeMe and you'll be fine. Uninstall both SMG and the embedder, then install AeMe. No data lost, just remember to (re)set the permissions profiles after the install so your members can post media  ^_^ (and yes, wrong place to post support questions)

It's always worth a try... but no, didn't fix. I'll post in the support thread when I get to work tomorrow (as that's where I've got a screenshot to show one of the problems.)

@Nao - there's my $20 and worth every penny in fees to PayPal. Now to grab the commercial version and see if it fixes any of the problems we've got with 1.4  ^_^

Weirdly, when I added my CC to my personal PayPal account, it took a few months for the transaction to appear on my CC statements (and I'm eBilled by my CC company...)

They must just do something that the CC companies don't like.

Salut Nao,

Long time user, first time poster :gnehe: Been using SMG/AeMe since we migrated our forum from PHPBB to SMF (few years now), and really find it/them great pieces of work. You have my utmost respect, and sympathies for what has gone on elsewhere...  :sifflote:

Kind of a support thing, but not for AeMe; I'd really like to pay for AeMe 2.x (specifically to get some support help, but also because I think you're worth it) but when I click on the PayPal button, PP responds with "This recipient is currently unable to receive money."?!

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