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Aeva Media / Re: Bug Aeva-Media-1.4w on 2.0 fresh install
« on: 14 August 2012 Ó 1h08 »

I can not seem to find the "create topic" or "new topic" button so I figured I'd asked here.

I've moved my forums a couple of times, and some of the Aeva Media files seem to have dissapeared when moving (the mgal_data folder for one, I don't know if anything else is missing). Now I've been trying to re-install Aeva Media, but when trying to uninstall or re-install, it loads and after a while I get a blank page.

It seems it takes a long time to install or re-install and that there is some sort of time out limit, and the page goes blank after that. I don't know how to fix this... my memory limit in php.ini is 128M - if anyone could help me it would be greatly appriciated.


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