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I found it. 
Posted on 19 September 2017 Ó 20h36

Well, I ordered it and i paid for it but I have no clue how to download it.

This is very troublesome.

Well, I purchased it at 9.99 and my profile over at the Wedge website says I have the subscription, but I can't for the life of me figure out where exactly v2.0 is to download and it doesn't appear that anyone is on either website.

Lovely.  Can we please put ONE MORE confirmation widget on posting?

For the first time in my life (I'm serious!), I'm putting something on sale. Aeva Media normally costs $9.99 for one year of downloads & support, it's now $0.99 (90% off!) for a day -- good enough to download & legally own a copy on your forum -- and $2.99 for a year. Given that I'm not gonna update it very often, it's probably best for you to just take a $1 copy and then pay again if you need support. Then again, assuming the sale isn't over by then.
I can't figure out where to go to buy it.  I see the free versions that can be downloaded and I've joined the Wedge website, but I just can't find a place to purchase this smf mod.

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