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Removed the package and re-added the package and the issue is fixed.


I own my own server. That's not the case. But thanks for trying. I will just have to figure it out.


All is 777 files and folders

Mgal_data is set to 777 and like I said was working until Sunday.  Thanks for looking at this.


Just another nice guy looking for advice. Not really support. Let's say a guy was running sm$hit v2.0.1 and finally took the plunge and threw away his coppermine gallery for something awesome like one that Nao wrote that tops all things that are awesome.

Things were working great till yesterday (Sunday) now when a user uploads a file it says it's done and viewing it in the gallery shows an icon as if the file is deleted.

When looking in the FTP of the site. One notices that the mgal_data/tmp directory has all the latest uploads in it. Appearing like they are stuck there.

What might a good guy asking nicely check to see why it doesn't appear to to be working right anymore.


Aka ( a nice guy asking nicely ) lol
(future wedge user)

Ps. Good thing I can read French (sort of)

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 17 March 2011 15h24 »
 :ouhla:  Pete,

I am shocked.  In my limited time with SMF, (September 2009) I have followed your support and activities.  Not so much recently cause I have been travelling for work, but whenever I had issues of any kind it was simple searches of your posts that often lead to the solutions.  Sorry Gilles, not really heard much about you.  But thats cause I am a sleep half of the time. 

regardless, Pete, to me (who is Still a Noob user, not permitted to the BIG forum) you were the face of SMF..  I honestly figured without reasearch you were the Lead on the project, and if nothing else thought you were SMF.  Bet you someone is kicking their but now that you two are gone. 

anyway..  I just want to wish you guys the best of luck with all of this, and let you know that I too have been in this kind of situation before.  Working tirelessly to help build something big and because of some narrow minded thinkers, you get pushed out because they know it all.

Trust me, Your better off now!!!  After reading all of this thread, I too like many here, cant wait to "Convert" It will be worth it.

Best regards,


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