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He certainly gets around...

No worries : I'll send him the link for smfforfree where you get de-karma'd just for asking why you have to pay money simply to add smilies.  :gnehe:

Aeva Media / Re: Bug Aeva-Media-1.4w on 2.0 fresh install
« le: 22 Juin 2011 à 22h04 »
Hi marius,

Although the installations were without errors is there anything in your error log which appears after you try to access Admin > Settings ?

Edit : see if this gives a clue...;topicseen#msg2942611

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« le: 26 Avril 2011 à 22h32 »
He used the force?  :)
"May The Wedge be with you..."   :)

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« le: 12 Mars 2011 à 11h44 »
The question has been raised somewhere else on Noisen as to whether Project X (can't use its real name here) can any longer be considered a fork of SMF or whether it now exists in its own right? If something is 'based on' or 'inspired by' does that make it a fork along with all the legal hoo-hah in having to wait until SMF 2.0 Gold is finally released?

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« le: 4 Février 2011 à 12h41 »
Hmm, could all be part of an SMF plot to stop us.  :scrogneugneu:

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« le: 12 Janvier 2011 à 1h28 »
I think that long before the first beta to test, you'll have a demo site to test. And I'm sure it's going to generate some excitement ;)
:)  :cool:

Aeva Media / Re: Compatibility problems with RC4 and PortaMX ?
« le: 12 Janvier 2011 à 1h26 »
Support for the free version of Aeva is over on SMF Modifications & Packages but worth trying...

Aeva Admin > Configuration > Settings > Preview size settings > check your thumbnail settings

Also, look at Security settings > check 'Leave thumbnail URLs in clear view' is set to Yes

A possible workaround is to use Googlemap to show the location where a photograph was taken. It means a few minutes extra work, depending on the number of locations, but it should do the job.


How about this ? I noticed a video on Youtube had an undefined note where the embedding code should be. I check this simply to see whether embedding has been disabled whereas of course I'd use the URL in any case.

Anyway, I posted the URL as normally and Aeva embedded it no problem.   :cool:

Someone mention porn..?   :rolleyes:

Hi kawboy,

A few of us do try to help. In my case operationally but my knowlege of coding - which is what most people ask for help with - is still too basic. I fear there are others who could help but can't be bothered.

Take heart though, Nao and Arantor are busy developing the SMF fork which is good news for all of us.  :)

This may or may not be relevant but Youtube has been down for the past couple of hours either due to maintenance or overload.

Around a month ago, I couldn't get Youtube videos to play on my site for three days but the problem resolved itself when Youtube came back up.

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« le: 11 Novembre 2010 à 16h37 »
I should think more than a few of us over on SMF felt something was wrong, sharks. As you say, v2.0 taking forever, SMF Team comings and goings, sudden disappearances of key members, news of bannings and so on.

It's only since I came over to Noisen things have finally made sense.

A Big Thankyou, Nao. v1.4b is working like a dream.  It installed so much faster than earlier versions too. :cool:

Thanks, Nao, all noted. I'm going dafter in my old age.  :rougit:

May I copy what you've put over onto the Aeva thread on SMF ?

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