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Would someone please be kind enough to help me with this query. Please. I'm really really serious about taking my site to the next level but due to my lack of coding skills support forums are all I depend on so I would appreciate more than you'll know if someone would help me out here:

Seriously guys, it would mean a million.
Here's my site and you would see the block I need help with at the bottom of the homepage.

Thanks a billion in advance.

Wow thank god I found this forum. Guys I'm dying for some help.
I use to run Aeva Media 1.4c (I think) on my SMF RC3 forum and then I used the large upgrade and move onto SMF RC5 but now I install Aeva Media and it breaks the /index.php?action=media page. Please provide me with a solution guys as I run a comic book website and the media is one of the most important sections in my site. I don't know if it's an issue with the DB tables but I could really use some help. Now I noticed the topic title... Could someone atleast help me on PM? Author ? Arantor? (this is agent47 from DzinerStudio BTW)

P.S: Guys what's with the french verification questions. You gotta understand that it's not just french talking people that coming in here man. No offense intended, just that it gets really frustrating. Took me really long to sign up as I had to figure out the verification question on the register page and now this...Thank god I got it wrong so many times that it repeated the registration verification question...

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