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Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 13 February 2011 1h59 »
Fair enough. Thanks for the explanation.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 12 February 2011 19h03 »
So, is it true that the delay for SMF 2.0 Final is because they are trying to come up with a license that makes it un-forkable? I worry that you guys might have shown your hand too early.

Aeva Media / Re: Compatibility problems with RC4 and PortaMX ?
« on: 30 November 2010 21h21 »
Yes, that is the one.

Aeva Media / Re: Compatibility problems with RC4 and PortaMX ?
« on: 30 November 2010 18h22 »
Supposedly that patch and the first PortaMx v0.990 patch fixed an issue between SMF 2.0 RC4/SimpleSEF/PortaMx and I suppose any other software that uses hooks. It did not fix the PortaMx/AEVA problem until she also implemented the the 2nd PortaMx v0.990 patch.

What exactly does it have that other portals don't?
Mostly a graphical single page editor... but I would prefer if it would use the BBC editor why have two different editors.
The block in block feature is pretty cool as is the sub-forums if they ever get fixed to where they are not visible on both sides. I don't think any other portal has those features.

I just wanted to post some information about AEVA 1.4b. I know there is no support for it but I thought you might want to know of an issue with it and SMF 2.0 RC4 and PortaMx 0.990. Please don't shoot the messenger...

At there is a post detailing people running the above combination and having any pages with embedded links getting a blank white screen. The solution posted there for fixing this (mot mine) is to comment the line of code below out from aeva-subs.php and aeva-embed.php. This does solve the blank white page issue but...

Code: [Select]
ob_start($obs && ($obs['name'] != 'default output handler') ? $obs['name'] : null);
There is an issue with the PortaMx copyright being missing on all pages that contain embedded links. If I disable the AEVA Auto-Embed feature I do have the PortaMx copyright. AEVA only displays it's own Embedding copyright on pages that have embedded links. Therefore if I disable  the AEVA Auto-Embed feature I see the PortaMx copyright. If I enable the AEVA Auto-Embed feature then the AEVA copyright replaces the PortaMx copyright. See attached images.

Like I said, I'm just posting this here to give feedback to the author of this great mod.

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