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« on: 15 August 2010 Ó 7h36 »
Too bad about this. I really think that there should be a reconsideration on their part. Take your time and do what you will. It's your life after all. You only live it once and it goes faster than you think.

Nao, you make a great product. I can't say for certain I'll follow you onto another forum software but it might be a consideration. I posted some general thoughts on the SMF AEVA topic about how I felt. Overall I believe that they could benefit from someone who understands and is capable of working with strong personalities and getting the best out of them... Instead of getting angry or upset about them to the point where they do not deal with these dificult personalities and just ban them because there is a belief that it will be an easier path to serenity. Dealing with different personalities is a skill though and it is not always easily learned. I know this... I had to learn it in order to succeed on some projects in the past. It's still not a perfected skill for me and it required time, patience and tact to bring out results.

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