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Hi there!
I ve read the whole thread about the Wedge birth, the lack of respect from your old dev/testers team, well... What a shame! Hopefully this is not over and it seems you guys are doing something huge! My community website is made on "the one we cannot pronounce the name" (*joke*) and using aeva media 1.4w also, I'll often check the Wedge project evolution since I know where is the team that made the most appreciated functions!
Anyway, I wish you good luck with this!!

And ... If someone in this thread or a nice reader know how to improve something with aeva media 1.4...
=> While browsing the forum with a mobile device (Android cellphone, iPhone etc...) the youtube's embed videos just show a link instead of a picture or something to "tap&play", anyone fixed or improved this?

Good luck guys!!

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