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Reply to last bullet... There should be thumbnails lined up there horizontally... I think it was the theme I was using that had the problem though. When I changed back to the standard Curve theme it worked fine.

All that hassle for nothing, lesson learned though. Go back to basics to check things out...

I assumed that since I had the commercial version bought and paid for and asked nicely I might get some help?

I thought there would be support for those of use that spent the $$$

Sorry if I have offended you with my need for help.

The following post does say there is support for kind customers, I thought I asked nicely?

Hi guys I'm back...    :gnehe:

I have 2.10 commercial version and I just upgraded to SMF 2.0
Aeva is acting a little weird and it looks like there's a newer version but I wanted to check before I downloaded it.

Thanks in advance...

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