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Aeva Media / Re: Bug Aeva-Media-1.4w on 2.0 fresh install
« on: 20 August 2011 Ó 8h00 »
Little late to the party on this one but I fixed this on my site with this:
I really need your info to fix the blank pare problem , but somehow your post has been deleted. :(
Please repost, or PM the info.
Thanks much in advanced

Wow thank god I found this forum. Guys I'm dying for some help.
I use to run Aeva Media 1.4c (I think) on my SMF RC3 forum and then I used the large upgrade and move onto SMF RC5 but now I install Aeva Media and it breaks the /index.php?action=media page. Please provide me with a solution guys as I run a comic book website and the media is one of the most important sections in my site. I don't know if it's an issue with the DB tables but I could really use some help. Now I noticed the topic title... Could someone atleast help me on PM? Author ? Arantor? (this is agent47 from DzinerStudio BTW)

P.S: Guys what's with the french verification questions. You gotta understand that it's not just french talking people that coming in here man. No offense intended, just that it gets really frustrating. Took me really long to sign up as I had to figure out the verification question on the register page and now this...Thank god I got it wrong so many times that it repeated the registration verification question...
I am not sure that where you can get the support from this forum.  I am not sure that I can help you as much as I can from this post either.  Love to!
Unless, Nao turns on the green light. :)
Again, you have not posted any info about your install problem yet.

Aeva Media / Re: About issues on
« on: 24 August 2010 Ó 20h13 »
I'd like to put up a new topic, but there is no where else in this forum will allow me to do as such a thing.;)
What I would like to see in the new commercial version, which I have no issue to purchase, is the "slide show" feature link.
I know that the feature is already there, but it is not " friendly user".  An average user will not know how to access (use) this feature, if he/she is lucky enough to click on any photo, then he/she MAY find out that he/she has to click on the "right arrow" to activate the slide show.
A " slide show" link on the main page of any photo album would be a big help!

One more thing, the slide show feature only plays the current page, not the whole album.
I will support this software in a heart beat, if this feature is available
Thanks much in advanced

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