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Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 11 November 2010 0h08 »
what I don´t understand,
Arantor, you paid 250 US$ for the download and then waited half a year before you tried to download it ?

Sounds unlogical to me...

What was the reason for it ?
Normally I would at least download it a few days later, if not the next day ?

I also bought a MOD from VBGamer and he deliver on time and I was satiesfied.

Why doesn´t he just send you now the download link again ?
Doesn´t he sell anymore the package ?

Regards, Stefan.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 10 November 2010 23h51 »
I see,
I did not know about the license problems and the code base in Wordpress,
but I just love the easy setups and the hundreds of useful plugins that update themself easily
with Wordpress..

It is all just so much easier with Wordpress and I heard that there are
now also some good forum plugins out, but did not look yet into them....

Anyway, if your SMF fork will be better and will have more features than SMF 2.0 Gold,
it will be very much appreciated...

I am currently using SMF/PortaMX and it should
be possible to move to your fork then easily, otherwise, if it is too complicated and
the few Mods I use will not work on your fork, I would rather stay on the normal

At least a SEO (SimpleSEF), Admod, sitemap mod and download plugin and portal function
should be availabe and of course a great gallery feature.

Also cool would be, if there would be any template editor supporting it as
Artisteer or something simular, so it would be a breeze to design its own template.

If you can do this, surely many SMF users would change to your fork.

It just must be easy to move to your system without loosing too many plugins and
getting better integrated features, that don´t need plugins that might be incompatible with
templates, etc...
maybe you can get a few MOD writers onto your boards, so if your fork comes
out, then also some of these MODs will be available for your fork.

Looking forward to your releases.
Regards, Stefan.

Maybe Nao can give us an update, if he will soon have a look at it,
or are you both to busy to write this SMF fork ?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Stefan.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 9 November 2010 21h56 »
What about a Wordpress integration ?

Well, if you could make it work, so that it will work with the same user database as Wordpress
uses it, then it would be perfect...!

So one could use Wordpress theme templates and use Wordpress as the Portal for it and use your
fork as the forum of it !

That would be a great solution, as I just love Wordpress and the easy setup and plugin
structure !

Or just build it as a plugin for Wordpress !

I am now also building many sites with Wordpress and just love it...

Regards, Stefan.

Aeva Media / Compatibility problems with RC4 and PortaMX ?
« on: 9 November 2010 21h47 »
there are reports, that the latest version of AEVA 1.4b does not work
correctly with SMF RC4 and PortaMX.

See here:

What about the AEVA 2.04 version ?

I had no time yet to test this.
I will try to test it this night.

If anybody else has got those problems or solutions,
please post it here.
Many thanks.

P.S: Was in 2.04 version already the drop-shadow text overlay integrated
to mark the uploaded pictures or do I have to do this with another program ?

What would be the best freeware program to do this... easily ?
I really need drop-shadow text overlay.
Without drop-shadow, the text just is barely readable on many pics...

Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 8 November 2010 2h24 »
Hi Nao + Arantor,
sounds great.
Will you still remove any bugs for the SMF RC4 version, which is out now ?

Then when your fork is ready, we could just use this, if other Mods
are compatible with it or does your Fork needs Mods to be rewritten for it ?

Many thanks for your hard work.

Regards, Stefan.

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