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Well, my problem is the 'search' function brings up a blank page instead of search options.. SMF 1.12, Aeva 1.4b..   everything else seems functional so I'm sure it's something simple (read "I was stupid").  I just bought a book on PHP, so I'll give it the weekend and see if I can figure it out...  prolly gonna get 2.0 anyway, just 'cause it's such a cool Mod..

oh.. and porn IS real life!!    :mdr:

Howdy Nao.. first, let me say thank you for a great piece of software!   Second, let me say thanks for a great piece of software!

I'm ok with the free version..  as a matter of fact, I just created a forum that pretty much revolves around it, but I'll probably upgrade if I spend the 20.00. 

My big question is will I have support for it.  I would happily pay just for that, with or without the new version.  You're 100% correct when you say that the topic at SMF is useless.  I've got a couple of small issues that I need to iron out and trying to get an answer over there has gone way beyond ridiculous.  Anyway, if you would verify that you're still providing support, I'll jump over to pay pal immediately..


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