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Aeva developer,

Bummer about your experience with SMF. Mine has been mostly positive, but obviously I am not in a position to "see how the sausage is made". My condolences.

Some of your comments might help explain the very long delay for SMF's RTM.

This may be an awkward question, but which of the SMF Mods would you recommend to manage a picture gallery. I hope you can understand that I am reluctant to install an unsupported Mod like Aeva, especially with docs in a language other than my native English (see challenge questions, for example). Do you have a non-commercial version of Aeva?

This is especially true as my under-construction forum is related to photography. At this point, I'm less interested in videos, but I may eventually be preparing youtube-like instructionals.

I have used the forum software engine that is built on, and want to have the equivalent or better capability of a post like:

Thanks, and again, my condolences. I've been put on probation from several forums, and banned from one. It stings.

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