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I'm posting this here because I really don't know where else to go! I put it up on SMF but no reply so far. I have a couple of questions I need help with but I seem to be locked out of the official forum.

I bought A E commercial a good while ago but wasn't ready for it so it sat in my hd for a long time. I've just installed it now and almost have it set up. The forum is at I've set up a hidden membergroup for testing.

I can't get the playlist feature to work. The playlist menu bar is visible but there's no dropdown anywhere. It is switched on in the membergroup permissions. If an image is posted via a forum topic a slide show of the users album can be run.

2./I would like to limit users to one album and have achieved that by deselecting create album in membergroup permissions. But now the user has to go to media/albums and scroll down to find his album, in order to add an item. Is there any way to have the add item appear in the dropdown from home/album as it does for albums with create permissions?

Appreciate any help ... thanks.

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