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Aeva Media / Re: NEW METHOD for purchasing Aeva Media 2.10
« on: 11 May 2015 Ó 20h56 »
Oh, sorry, I shouldn't bother to speak my feelings... It's not like they matter.
Actually, they do. I was considering smf gallery pro but one of your posts from a while back on this board made me reconsider.

I'll continue to look at wedge as a possible future alternative.


Attempting to embed a youtube video, even if you put a http rather than https link seems to redirect to this video Small | Large

Hi Nao,

I'm still using Avea 1.4c. I'm still considering Wedge in the future but in the meantime was looking into purchasing Avea 2.1

Could you please answer some questions for me?

1. Do you plan to continue supporting Avea 2.x
2. Where is the best place to obtain support for it? Here or @
3. Is there any fix for 2.x for YouTube embedding? As of this week, new embeds on 1.4c redirect to a video saying that the method to view YouTube is out of date

I'd really prefer to continue to use your software rather than try and convert everything to another platform or just trashing existing albums.


You may say I'm not trying to sell any copies of AeMe2. That would be true. It's hard to justify sellin something I no longer support.
Given that quote above and the fact that the newer version will be free in wedge, any chance of you making V2 free? Been using V1 for a couple of years now but my community group don't have much cash.

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