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thank you very much LHW!! I can't believe it was that easy to fix!

I really appreciate you finding that info for me

my gratitude goes to all of you who donate their time to help people like me!

I guess I should not have said "hate" because nuke is very good and is very easy to manipulate, phpbb is good for forums but I don't like it for a CMS and vbulletin is very unsecure. However, the SMF forums has helped me with several problems but this audio loop problem I have had nothing, over 4 months I have had either no replies or been told it is no longer supported and refused to help. I was hoping someone here would be willing to help me and I would pay for it. I would use Aeva Media but I can't get it to install but if someone were to help me then I would pay for the software and pay them to get it working.. thats all.. if nobody's interested then ok.

First I want to say thanks Nao for all your hard work and putting up with n00bs like me. If it wasn't for people like you, things like SMG wouldn't exist which I think is the best gallery ever made. I hate nuke, vbulletin, phpbb and all that other junk out there and have been sticking to SMF for a few years now.
I have managed to conquer many issues with upgrades and modifications on my site and have needed help a few times. This problem I have to solve is simple to you but difficult to me. I would gladly donate $$ to get this fixed and in the past I have done so on the smf-media website after getting help from Dragooon. In short, when playing mp3 files in SMG 2.0.5 (which I know is no longer supported) the audio will loop at the end. From what I have found is that the flash player won't let me stop this and I can't get another player to take it's place. I am not able to upgrade to the new Aeva Media after several failed attempts and YES I followed instructions closely. If you are willing to help me I would appreciate it, and if possible.. if someone could help me get the new Aeva Media installed I would gladly pay for it and for their help!

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