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Aeva Media / Re: YouTube fix for Aeva Media (May 2015)
« on: 10 June 2016 11h38 »
Hi Nao! I am download corrected files and replace old with it, but links with "https" is not show how youtube video.
I am using Aeva Media 2.10

I think he means he's giving Arantor access again.
I want access too! and i want paid it. How it can be paid?

No, it's not deleted, it's just not really being updated...
but may be it's in support board which i do not looking now ? after updating forum i am loss Aeva block in Ultimate profile, and after restoring it from old files (function up_block_pictures() ) it not show the photos from Aeva-gallery. I think that it is necessary to make changes in one file, but I do not remember what and where. Can You help me?

Hi Nao! Sorry for my question... but i do not found many my posts on support for Aeva. Is it's delete?

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