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the url tags that gets automatically wrapped around any http or http links that i post, if i code these links first.
So what other mods are installed, and what exactly are you trying to do? I'm more than a bit unclear as to exactly what's going on and what behaviour is occurring.
I'm more than grateful for any help that can resolve the problems with Aeva Lite. I am using SMF 1.1.14 and whenever i or any member on my forums, post a reply or topic or edit a reply/topic, there are ]URL[ tags that automatically wrap around the links. I have specified it as a rule on my forums that all links are to be coded, that is placed inbetween ]CODE[ tags, so basically, all links are first coded and then when you hit the save button, the ]URL[ tags are there!! Like a curse! They refuse to let go! I edit the post again and remove those URL tags and when i click on the save button, the post reloads and there they are again!! The URL tags have re-appeared and automatically inserted themselves.

Here is an example of how it should be:
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But here is what always happens on my forums:
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I have tried countless times to edit the post to remove the URL tags but they are automatically inserted, so it has to be something with the modifications that i installed, but i removed all my modifications one by one and eventually discovered that it was caused by Aeva Lite's latest version: Aeva-Lite-7.1.708. I am using the one on this site:

To be honest, there is no such modification as Aeva Lite. It is unique. SAVE is simply a poor imitation. It would be tragic and regretful if Nao were to let go of this wonderful modification. It's already very complete but needs a little pruning and maintenance every few months or so. Thanks in advance for your consideration, advice and help.

UPDATE: I have deleted my installation of Aeva Lite and downloaded a fresh copy from the SMF modification site. At first sight, it appears to have fixed my problems. So, i think the mistake that i did was to try and fix the missing format from the list of supported sites and in the process i messed up some code in Aeva. Maybe Nao or someone else can please repack these fixed bugs into a new release, even if it's unofficial, only to help newbies like me, who are obviously breaking our forums due to lack of expertise. Thank you!!

UPDATE #2: After testing more extensively, i can confirm that unfortunately, the problem is still here and it's not related by the edits that i had made to Aeva's files, as i have used a fresh/untouched Aeva Lite installation this time. Here is the problem:

Whenever https:// links are involved, Aeva Lite will always wrap URL tags around it, even if these links are placed within CODE tags. I believe that i have finally pinpointed the exact bug.

Example of how it should be:
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But this is how it always appears on my forums, despite editing the posts dozens of times, the URL tags keep appearing:
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This bug does not seem to affect links starting with http:// but only https:// links. Please help!!
Try it and i am sure that you will be able to replicate this bug. Hopefully, there is an easy fix or i will have to give up on using Aeva Lite. :( I have temporarily uninstalled the mod until a solution is found.

Hi Nao, could you please help with Aeva Lite? I have been going through some very hard times trying to figure out what went wrong with Aeva Lite as there are some problems with tags that appear forcibly: the url tags that gets automatically wrapped around any http or http links that i post, if i code these links first.
Also, there is the noae tag which magically appears around posts, and messes up the post.

To quote my post at the SMF forums:
I am using SMF 1.1.14 with the latest Aeva Lite installed and i am having the same problem. The noae tags are showing up in my posts, wrapped around the entire post and then i see the url tags wrapped around every single link that i post. It is becoming very messy around my forum. Even if i code the links, the noae tags still take over, which forces url tags to appear around every single link in the post. Please help! I hope that there's an easy fix by tinkering with the Aeva configuration settings?

If you can access it, here is the topic and there are many others who are having the same problem.

Thank you in advance for your help. While we all wait for you to release Wedge, please update and release Aeva Lite on this site, as it is incredibly useful and my forums can't live without it, so again, i beg you not to abandon that modification. Just try to fix any bugs and update it whenever you can spare a few minutes from your big job at getting Wedge ready for all of us waiting. There is an alternative to your Aeva modification, called Simple Audio Video Embedder but frankly, it is just a poor imitation of your mod and it does not even work!!

Aeva Media / Re: [Fork you, SMF!] The birth of Wedge.
« on: 10 May 2011 5h53 »
Thanks a lot for persevering in this fork venture. I have to ask if there will be a beta version out for public testing? or RC release, following in what SMF team does before releasing a final version? Or will we have to wait for the final version of Wedge? BTW, very cool name for your fork version.

Also, it seems that the SMF folks are finally releasing 2.0 gold at the end of this month. Are the Wedge devs going to rework everything from the 2.0 gold release, which is the recommended route to follow, as 2.0 gold will have even more bugs ironed out, so it is logical to build Wedge off of the most the stable 2.0 release, instead of customizing a bug-ridden 2.0 RC release.

Aeva Media / Re: [Announcement] Fork you, SMF!
« on: 11 November 2010 16h39 »
OH! I am grateful for coming across this post. It is really so disappointing to have one's suspicions confirmed like that. And by none other than two of the most prominent SMF devs. Everywhere on the SMF site, mods are left out to die, not being updated or simply dropped to whoever would care to pick them up to continue their development. This is insanity, especially considering that SMF should be at its peak now that they "appear" to be finally closing in on the stable 2.0 release. I have been in the balance for a few years to be honest. I have tested phpBB3 as well as other free and paid alternatives several times, as it seriously felt that SMF was not supported anymore. So few people working on it, and when i compare with phpBB community, it's a world of difference. Still, i am more comfortable with SMF and the mods installation is much easier, so i stuck to SMF all this time. But i know several of my friends who dumped SMF as the competition was always updating and releasing very aggressively, relative to the frozen SMF development.

I have to agree 100% on your commitment and dedication. You have done so much in a few months (over 2MB of new code!) compared to the SMF team, which has stagnated for so many years on the 2.0 Gold release. I think you did good by branching out or your will and skills would have been stifled even longer and killed. This will be hugely beneficial to the entire SMF community and will prevent SMF from losing more faithful users by the day. On the contrary, your efforts will attract more attention to SMF being "back in the game".

Once SMF 2.0 Gold is released, you could just make a special patch, that would incorporate all your efforts into a single bundle. We could just use it via the package manager and also maybe add your own Package servers to the existing list, so that we can easily browse and use your updates. SMF 3.0 is probably not going to be released in my life-time (unless the SMF team is rebuilt with the right people) and i'm just a little younger than Arantor, so that's a really long time of expected idleness and unproductivity from a lost SMF team.

Nao/Gilles and Arantor, you guys have my full support; my server, bandwidth and space. I am one of the best beta testers (so i have been told) and have personally bought a few paid mods, most of which i have beta-tested and improved via feedback to the developers. So, if you could use my help, please do not hesitate to PM me and i will do my best to improve the SMF fork.

My faithfulness lies with SMF and if the SMF team is not going to do anything about SMF but instead just sit on their thrones and gaze around lazily and steal from others, then you guys should be applauded for keeping SMF alive via your forked venture!

Aeva Media / Re: A cautionary tale for Aeva haters...
« on: 11 November 2010 16h28 »
Wow.... I had installed Aeva a few days ago... and just checked in here to see what's what about this really fat (and beautifully coded) modification.

To put it simply, i am SHOCKED! to read all of this. I have been using SMF for my forums since 5 years now. That's half a decade long of upgrading through the various versions, and the endless waiting for 2.0

I have to say that i knew that something was wrong with the SMF team, as phpBB 3.0 olympus was released and then other forum softwares kept climbing and releasing better versions. All the time, SMF was stuck at releasing RC of SMF 2.0 in very wide intervals. I am not a coder (unfortunately, but in the coming years i have the intention of working my way into learning how to code mods for SMF and to help the community) but as an avid user of the SMF software, it does not require an insider's point of view, to know that something is really off with the development, and hence the SMF team. It is a very sad and regrettable thing.

Anyway, to think that vbgamer (he created some of the most popular mods that i enjoy using) would steal... Destroying his reputation that took so many years to build. Not worth $250 if you ask me. Probably for a few hundred million dollars. :D jk

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