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I'm sorry to hear that happened to you.  I myself had a similar experience with a "Christian" forum that I was on, and I left them and started my own forum, of which I'm very happy with.  I just recently downloaded the media and it is working beautifully.  Thank you for your hard work!

I do have a question, that may perhaps be simple to you.  I was looking for a BBC button that will play my mp3 files with a small flash player within the posts?  They had one with the my old forum software, but now they don't have one for 2.0.  My members who are "technically challenged" can't play my mp3 files on their computers. (can't figure out how).  I was delighted to see that you have it encoded in your media pack but not sure if they will get how that works either.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

I noticed that you already have a flash player in the gallery.  But the m4p files wouldn't play there.  I noticed they downloaded but wouldn't play.  Is there a setting I can check to correct this?  The mp3 files work great.

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